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Standaard verzending 3 - 4 Werkdagen

The printed publication about the project has been translated and is available as a PDF document. 
It contains a foreword by Marjan Minnesma, director of Urgenda, a description of the entire project and an essay on it's context.

The amount of €7,50 will be used for planting 10 new trees!

Please note when ordering: 
1: Choose "Aan winkelmandje toevoegen"
2: Choose "Verder naar de kassa" (Just ignore the costs for "Verzending") 
3: As "Afleverland" choose Nederland
4: As "Verzendoptie" choose "Zelf ophalen", this saves you the costs for postage
5: Fill in your e-mailadress and pay. 
You will find your PDF in your inbox within 2 days.

Enjoy reading!