100.000 trees and a threaded forest

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In 2020 Sara Vrugt embroidered, together with many others, a forest of one hundred square meters. A forest stitched with thread on fabric. The embroidered forest will be hung in a spiral shape (floor surface 6x6 m, height 4m). As you enter the artwork the trees that rise above you will approach the experience of entering a forest. A forest in which you can lose yourself in thought. A collective forest that encourages thinking, acting and connecting.

With the artwork she investigates the relationship of man to nature. During the year, visitors to the embroidery studio tell personal stories, memories or facts related to nature. These stories are sewn into the artwork by needle and thread.

The end result is a grand embroidery in which our relationship to nature is depicted from multiple angles, represented by a forest in all its stages; young shoots, mature trees, dying stumps.

There is room for all types of trees within the work. And there is room for all kinds of people to contribute to its growth.

The work has been embroidered in four temporary studios, each season the workplace popped up at a different location. Hundreds of people have co-created this huge work of art.

At every partner institution, spread throughout The Netherlands, one of the aspects of the project (art, nature, participation and craft) is central. This gave a diverse audience the opportunity to connect with and contribute to this ambitious work of art.


In addition to telling stories or embroidering, one can also "adopt" one of the embroidered birds on the canvas. With the sum of this crowdfunding 100,000 real trees will be planted both in the Netherlands (1.000 by Dutch nature organisation IVN) and in the tropics (99.000 by TreeSisters). Besides the forest of thread on fabric, there will grow a web of people and a living forest of one hundred thousand trees.

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Judika, donor:
"We are all too busy with our own lives to actively commit ourselves to a better world. Sara too. She does it anyway. Thanks ️"

Krista and Floris, donors:
"Sara uses needle and thread to make the most beautiful artworks and this project is a loving call to everyone who is passionate about nature."

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